The origin of life on Earth is water.

Without water, there would be no life.

The mission of mankind is the conservation and the growth of life.

Therefore, we must strive to maintain our water resources in order to fulfil this mission.


I am 18 years old.
I was born of an egg.
The name is Nu Kai.
Call me Nu Kai from now on


What a beautiful sea!


Who made it this dirty?

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Solid-liquid Separator Slit Saver

What is Solid-Liquid Separator 'Slit Saver' ?

As the words suggest, it is a device for separating solid component from liquid.

There are many kinds of solid-liquid separators in the world. However, all most all of those machines get clogged during operation. The clogging causes the decline in treatment capacity and sometimes a device would become completely useless in the end.

To prevent those problems, devices require filter replacement or labour-consuming cleaning.

Slit Saver is a device which reduces the loss of treatment capacity and the time and labour for cleaning and provides stable operation.

Let me introduce myself a little. I was born in 2003.

Today, there are many types of dewatering devices in operation in various fields. For instance, decanter centrifuges, filter type, screw press type and multi-disc type dewatering machines. All of those types, however, have problem of clogging and every manufacturer is trying to find a solution with various ways.

It is me who solved the clogging problem by a simple mechanism.

It was inspired by an egg which Mr. Ishitobi’s wife passed him during breakfast.
That is why I am shape of an egg.
If I rotate, what will happen?
If there are a lot of my brothers and sisters and they rotate between slit bars…?
And if, we rotate at a phase shift of 90 degree…?
No clogging occurs and the solid component is transported like waves.

Slit Saver is made of this mechanism.

It is me, one of the rotating plates.

Other products

Slit Saver System

A continuous sludge dewatering system combining trouble-free Slit Saver and flocculants

Neutral Inorganic Flocculant(TENSEY-15A)

Inorganic flocculant with a low environmental impact, made mainly from red soil, which is abundant in Thailand.

Neutral Inorganic Solidifier(TENSEY-5K)

A neutral inorganic solidifier with low environmental impact, made mainly from red soil, which is abundant in Thailand.


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